Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Lottemart…..Here We Come!!!


What a great day!! On Monday, March 05, 2012 PG class had a field trip. Since this week we learn about land transportation (a bus) and in the last lessons we have learnt about healthy foods & drinks. so we are going to buy the healthy foods & drinks in Lottemart Kelapa Gading by bus. We were so excited!! Along the way to Lottemart, we song “The Wheels On The Bus”.

We also learn about the parts of the bus such as the doors, windows, seats, steering wheel, cabinm wheels and the bus drives the bus. Finally, we arrived at Lottemart, yipiee……..!!! In Lottemart we walked around the healthy & fresh area…. Wow, we could see many healthy foods & drinks such as vegetables, fruits, fish, and milk. We just couldn’t wait to buy them. After we walked around, finally we could buy the healthy foods and drinks.

We chose our favorite fruits, such as an apple, orange, pear and sanake skin. We also might choose biscuits and milks. But wait…. We had to pay the items first, so we were queued at the cashier. When it finished, we had a great time in Lottemart! Thank you Jesus for giving us the healthy foods and drinks also for bus that we could ride safely.

(Ms. Helyn-TKK 6 PENABUR)


Hore..hore… sampai di Lottemart… waaahhh… besar sekali tempatnya…..


Asyik bisa melihat pembuatan roti… senangnya…


Itu kan ikan Salmon miss, ikan yang bagus untuk dimakan….. itu juga ada banyak jenis ikan lain yah miss….. “seru peserta didik PG”


Aku mau jeruk miss…. kalo aku mau apel miss…


“Kak, buah jeruk aku ditimbang dong, berapa kak beratnya ?”


Yeahhhh… lihat aku beli biskuit, susu dan buah….. Asik…asik….


Bye-bye lottemart….. we will come again next time…

Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR – TKK 6 PENABUR Kelapa Gading


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