Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

The Joy of Christmas


To spread the love Christmas, on 15th December 2010 the Fifth grader and some teachers of SDK Penabur Bintaro shared the joy Christmas with the kids in Yayasan Sayab Ibu Bintaro and Pontu Elok. This Idea came suddenly after the kids and their Englist teacher discussed about the lesson from Backpack unit 5 about “ Giving is better than Receiving”.

The students decided to prepare some gifts and make some Christmas cards for the kisd in YSI and Pintu Elok. Some of them also spared some of their pennies from their daily pocket  money to   rice and some cookies.

They also entertained the kids in YSI with some performances from Shifram and Pamela by singing two songs “Hari yang terindah” and “ Semua baik”. The event  was guided by Kenny and Medy as the MC. After listening  to some presentations from the leader of YSI, the students were invided to visid and greed the kids into their rooms. Because some of the kids on YSI couldn’t sit for a long time. On the first minutes, the students shocked looking a boy named Berti with his Hydrocephalus disease. Then they touched his weak head and expressed sadly “ sakit yah ….” Berti only looked and seemed enjoy the touch.

After visiting YSI, some of the students went to Pintu Elok to hand over some Christmas gifts to the leader of Pintu Elok in Pamulang.

This Event brought a big change to the students. For example : Riana said : “ I have to thank God for every blessings I’ve got now”. And Sarah said : “ Miss, it was a great time. Now I have to think thousands time before I reject  to eat and get mad to my parents and elders”.

(Hilda S) English Teacher in SDK Penabur Bintaro Jaya

PC141797 PC141791 PC141790


  Yayasan Pintu Elok Pamulang

Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR – SDK PENABUR Bintaro Jaya


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