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Story Telling and Spelling Bee Competition at SDK PENABUR Bintaro

To face the Globalization Era, we have to prepare our children in mastering English as their first language. That’s why provide them a change to improve their English Skills booth in Oral or Writen. The competition name is “Story Telling and Spelling Bee Competition” that held on Wednesday, 29th July 2011. Trough this competition, student are expected to stimulate their communication skills.

We devide the competition into two parts, Spelling Bee competition is dedicated to lower grade (1-3). Hopefully this competition will sharpen students recognition to words formation. And Story Telling Competition is specially provided to higher grade (4-6). This competition may satisfy the higher grade to their communication activity.

Finally, The Winners are:

Spelling Bee Competition

Class 2:

First  Winner          Regine 2C

Second Winner     Altha 2A

Third Winner         Phoebe  2C

Class 3:

First Winner       Salvatore 3C

Second Winner    Audena 3B

Third Winner       Vienda 3A

Story Telling Competition

Class 4:

First Winner         Joana 4B

Second Winner      Anastasia 4C

Third Winner         Zefanya  4C

Class 5:

Feralezer         5B

Mark Natama   5D

Tiara                  5D

Speelling Bee Competition  

Class 2  

anakcw1 anakcw2 anakcw4

1st winner                          2nd Winner                     3rd winner

salvatore audena-piala vienda

1st winner                           2nd Winner                  3rd winner

1st-class4 2nd-class4

1st winner                            2nd Winner                  3rd winner

anakcowo4 anakcowo5 3rd-class4

1st winner                           2nd Winner                  3rd winner

Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR – SDK PENABUR Bintaro Jaya


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