Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Science Experiments, Physical, and Chemical Changes

Do the experiments? Why not? It’s very interesting.



Recently, grade 3 students of SDK 6 BPK PENABUR did the experiment about Physical and Chemical Changes.


Firstly, the teacher explained about materials which were already prepared. there were newspaper, dry leaves, and some branches. For the first experiment, we only cut newspaper, dry leaves, and branches into small pieces. That’s called Physical Changes.

For the second experiment, we burnt those newspaper, dry leaves, and branches. That’s called Chemical Changes. After that, we discussed from both experiments wheter any changes or not with shape, color, and smell. The teacher asked some students to explain about the experiment and made the conclusion. Some of us said that the physical changes were happened only physical but the color and smell didn’t change, only the shape changes. The chemical changes were happened chemically and changed all the shape, color, and smell.

That was an excellent thing for grade 3. We were enthusiastic and we enjoy the experiment.

100_6463 100_6467

100_6472 100_6477


Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR – SDK 6 PENABUR Kelapa Gading


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