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Story telling competition – Trisakti 2013


Trophy - Story telling competition - Trisakti 2013


The auditorium was filled with people. Almost all of them were contestants in any one of Tarumanagara’s Icon English competitions. High school students, university students, it didn’t matter. They were all bigger than me and very intimidating. They surrounded themselves with groups of their own peers, comfortably chatting away as they waited for the closing ceremony to start, and more importantly, for the contest winners to be announced.

Minutes passed, and with every ticking second I felt my confidence ebb away. By the time the closing ceremony started, two hours after it was supposed to, I was a nervous wreck. The ceremony comprised of several artistic performances that involved dancing and singing. As much as I wanted to watch the performances, I found my attention wavering as my thoughts kept floating back to whether the quality of my writing was good enough to win something.

When they did get to the results, they started with the group competitions such as the Quiz Bee and the Amazing Race-esque marathon. The whole time, I was picking at my nails. Eventually, they reached the Short Story results. I felt so tense and alert the whole three seconds they paused for dramatic effect. When they mentioned my name for third place, I was shocked into silence and paralysis. It was only when they mentioned my name a second time and urged me to join them up front that I managed to move. And when I did, I felt so proud.

(Wong Jia Jasmine, 11 AS Science)


International Christian School BPK PENABUR Jakarta – Tanjung Duren Secondary


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