Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Thoughtful Nanny, Smart Kids


Early Childhood education is the most fundamental and strategic. By scholars of this period known as the golden age of human development. At this time children are rapidly developing physical, moral, language, cognitive, emotional and social art. For children experience is essential and experience that will last long enough so that they need an adult (parent, teacher, Nanny) to guide them to develop optimally, familiar manners, know the rules, right> <wrong.
Recognizing the importance of having a program that is intended for a child care / Nanny so that they have the knowledge that is consistent with the school in the accompanying / assisting children at home. Then on Friday, November 29, 2013 TKK 11 PENABUR hold a pelatihandengan theme "Nanny Thoughtful Smart Kids". Through this meeting discussed about early childhood development, the role of the caregiver in order to be exemplary in word and deed, to get children to speak a good word, for example: "Thank you, excuse me, please, I'm sorry". The meeting also comes with frequently asked questions about child issues eg child feeding, child insomnia and solutions.
At the end of program each Nanny asked to write "my intention" to be carried out in the Nanny responsibilities as caregivers and their companions of children at home, so that children grow optimally both physically, psychologically.
Antusiasme para nanny mengikuti pelatihan. Antusiasme para nanny mengikuti pelatihan.[/caption]
Foto bersama Foto bersama[/caption]

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