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Race Sports Festival of Jabodetabek (Plus) Kindergarten with Lembaga Bina Prestasi


12 kids from kindergarten 2 level in TKK 2 PENABUR joined 2 competitions, such as mixed relay foot race and boys relay foot race.on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 at Pasar Seni – Ancol.




The teachers whispered to their kids to chase their opponents, run as fast as they can and be the first. They were motivated and followed teachers’ instruction. We were so proud to see our kids were so enthusiastic during the competition.

Here are the names of the winners:
*Mixed relay foot race – Winner
Angelina (TK B 3)
Chrisilla Hong (TK B 2)
Ethan Richie (TK B 1)
Gialino Luke Napitupulu (TK B 1)
Mahendra Kalyana Sunarko (TK B 1)
Rachel Cathlene Christianty (TK B 2)

*Boys relay foot race – 3rd Runner-up
Davin Louw (TK B 2)
Ken Anthony Widjaja (TK B 1)
Louis Alfian Sutanto (TK B 2)
Owen Peter Chow (TK B 2)
Rainer Sebastian Wijaya (TK B 1)
Rio Emmerson Laurencius (TK B 1)


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