Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

(pics) ULTC visit for English days observation & some devotion/prayer


devotion 22april 300x225  

devotion 22april b 265x300
Every Tuesday & Thursday, morning devotions are done in English and on pics (above):
in teacher room (by Mdm Catherina) and via student radio (by Mr. Teguh) during April 22, 2014
ULTC visited SMPK 2 for English Day(s) observation & its activities in home industry/ kitchen,
library (below), plus some interviews with
some grade 9 students & a student presentation (far below).

ultc library 300x225

The three judges/observers (above) come from ULTC/ UKRIDA Language Training Centre.
They are Ms. Ira Rasikawati, Ms. Ignasia Yuyun, and Ms. Frida.  For info, since this 2014,
UKRIDA University Jakarta has had its first admission of the English Department of Letters/”Sastra”.

ultc lab 300x225








In Pembangunan complex, 3 schools, TKK 2, SDK2, and SMPK 2
held a joint Christian service (below) last April 2014.
Seen in front is the priest/ Rev. Samuel.


kompleks pdt 300x225 Rev. Samuel in joint Christian service at Pembangunan Schools, including SMPK 2

SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, jl. Pembangunan


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