Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan


Started on August 2010, SMPK 6 PENABUR JAKARTA held an English Course For Teachers and Employees. The course is conducted by English Teachers of SMPK 6 PENABUR, Sir. Doni, Sir. Tommy and Sir. David. The course is intended to motivate all the teachers and employees to have better skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The materials of this course are taken from ‘KET’ (Key English Test) published by University of Cambridge. The instructors manage them in the form of “Words in the Box” Programs which are provided from Monday to Thursday, and make the evaluation every Friday. The topics of the materials consist of: Culture and Travel, Health, Entertainment, and Technology. The participants take one every day, then read and learn it. There is vocabularies list related to the text to helps them understand the story quickly. Later, the instructors can use the vocabularies as an evaluation and testing aid. The participants have a test after they finish one topic.

The course is conducted on every Friday, at 7 a.m until 7.45 a.m. It shows that SMPK 6 PENABUR keeps the “Learning Process” goes on. Hopefully it gives the good results to the participants so they are able to apply in their works. For the instructors, it is very useful to develop knowledge and abilities then do the better than previous.

Best Regards

David Setiawan Sadewa, S.S

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Sekolah kristen BPK PENABUR Jakarta – SMPK 6 PENABUR Jakarta, Muara Karang


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