Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

SMPK 7 Jkt kids spare weekly allowances: donations to Papua, Singkawang & Jakarta via Wahana Visi Indonesia & Elsafan Ministry


Celengan Peduli Kasih (CARE SAVING) SMPK 7 PENABUR Jakarta collaborates with Wahana Visi Indonesia for helping 5 kids from Papua & Singkawang (Borneo) & with Elsafan Ministry for 5 blind kids in Jakarta & 7 kids near SMPK 7 complex: total of 17 kids donated as much as 100-150,000 rupiahs/month. Next is the photo of 3 Singkawang and Papua kids, supported since 2007 until 2010 now … (rosumarlina/tg).

singkawang papua kids2 300x144

Sekolah kristen BPK PENABUR Jakarta – SMPK 7 PENABUR Jakarta, Sunrise


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