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SMPK 7 PENABUR Jakarta: LANGUAGE sessions (“BULAN BAHASA”) & competitions: 26/10/2010

On Oct 26, 2010: SMPK 7 JKT holds 3 competitions related to “BULAN  BAHASA” (Language sessions): Indonesian & English Story-telling & Karaoke singing in Mandarin. Venue: SMPK 7 Sunrise Garden. JURY: ….(tg).


English Story-Telling with Martin Fitzgerald of Ukrida PENABUR International, Ilham of an English Institution/Club & Teguh Santoso of PENABUR Jakarta Training Centre


Indonesian Story-Telling (“Mendongeng”) with Seminari Darmanto of LAPENDIK PENABUR Jakarta, Sugiharti of SMAK 4 PENABUR Jakarta and Sri Rahayu.


Mandarin Karaoke singing with Khoe Tsing Foen (Lily) of SMAK Sang Timur Jakarta, Oey Siu Yu and Lilis Salim (tg).

Sekolah kristen BPK PENABUR Jakarta – SMPK 7 PENABUR Jakarta, Sunrise


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