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SMPK 2 State Exams/UN results 2014

Praise the Lord. SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta’s 134 students passed with flying colours in 2014 UN/State exam results. Total average score is 36.53. Indonesian Lg 8.53. English 9.31. Math 9.51. Science (Bio&Phys) 9.18.
There are. 75 scores of perfect 10 in Math, Science & English. As Rev. Nur reminded in the graduation service, be modest/humble always. There were speeches made by DR. Elika Dwi Murwani & parent/PENABUR director Mr. Gunawan Santoso to welcome the report made by Vice-Principal Mr. Nugraha.

Best student Inggritianny (class 9A) with 100% free SSP/ educational procurement fee.
The other 11 best students from 4 classes obtained medals & trophies with various SSP reduction.

P.S. Two SMPK 2 students are among the TOP 15 students in JKT, both scored 39.20 (max.40) ranked 9-10 (sir).

SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, jl. Pembangunan


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