Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Day 1@smpk 2: admin. & 1st Christian service


SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta started its DAY 1 activity with 1. a Christian service led by Mdm. Lilies (based on Jeremiah 18:1-6) focusing on being shaped & forged hard, like clay in the hand of a potter, to be a wonderful cup (in her illustration of a lady, charmed by a cup) OR successful graduates of SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta. 2. meeting with each homeroom teacher (for 8th A-E and 9th A-E graders), OR briefing with Vice-Principal of Student Affairs Mdm Patricia (for 7th A-E graders). 3. ordering students’ books, including Curriculum 2013 books (7th and 8th graders) & taking students’ uniforms, shoes and socks. IMG 2369 300x225

Intro & briefing by Mdm Patricia as SMPK 2 Vice-Principal for Students Affairs

  IMG 2378 300x225

“sahabat masa depan” money-collecting

 IMG 2370 300x225

Newbies on 1st day Christian service

IMG 2371 300x225 in July 11, 2014 Christian service

IMG 2376 300x225 Jeremiah 18:6, shaped like clay by a potter

IMG 2379 300x225

Elaboration of the motto on orientation by Principal Supanna:
further motivation to do one’s best in both character-building &
better state exams/national exams (for 9th graders)!  Last 2014
State exams results/ UN SMP put SMPK 2 on 1st rank of the whole
DKI Jakarta state/public and private schools, not the Indonesian regions.
Also read

IMG 2382 300x225 2014-2015 teachers

IMG 2390 300x225 Mdm Naomi of class 9E

IMG 2389 300x225 Mdm Vita of class 9D

Look at how enthusiastic 2 of the homeroom teachers are!

IMG 2386 300x225 Schedule look on July 11, 2014

IMG 2392 300x225 Distribution of school uniforms

Next are two pics of OTHER events:

# a one-day teacher gathering (KKG/ MGMP)
from 16 schools of BPK PENABUR Jakarta and Tirta Marta PENABUR
on Wednesday, July 8th, 2014.

# some students’ scout/ girlguide practice during July holidays (poles marching/barisan tongkat)

IMG 2366 300x225 Mdm Endah (English) in KKG

IMG 2360 300x225 Baris berbaris tongkat


SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, jl. Pembangunan


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