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SMPK 2: Oct. PSB promo, Christian services & science & sports winners!


Here are some pics in October 2014: Christian services, OSIS campaign for November 2014 election & winners in basketball competition in Santa Maria, and winners in Brilliant Competition (Science) 2014.
Next is a picture of High School promo for SMPK 2 PENABUR
Jakarta students held by Mdm Enche (SMAK 3 Principal) as
representative of the High School level.

IMG 2706 300x225

Next are the Christian services held on Fridays, plus
teacher vocal group.

IMG 2721 300x225

IMG 2722 300x225

IMG 2709 300x225


IMG 2715 300x225

IMG 2727 300x225

Science winners in Brilliant Competition, 3rd and 4th
winners in Science category.

IMG 2711 300x225

Winners in Basketball competition in Santa Maria
Junior High for both girls (2nd champion, above)
and boys (3rd champion, below).

IMG 2713 300x225

IMG 2715 300x225

Next are OSIS (Student Council) campaing in
October 2014 followed by Nov. 2014 election later.

IMG 2732 300x225

Questions arose from teachers, parents and
fellow students (sir).

IMG 2733 300x225


IMG 2740 300x225


IMG 2738 300x225


IMG 2741 300x225

OSIS questions

SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, jl. Pembangunan


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