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SMPK 2: Math for SD, Basketball (final) & teachers’ Christian service


Basketball (final),  arts performance/ musical show & MATH today,
Nov. 1, 2014, and PEMBANGUNAN complex teacher’s Christian service last Thursday.

Next are two pics of final rehearsal for today’s Musical Show/ Arts Collaboration in
SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta 5th floor auditorium.

IMG 2826 300x225 Rehearsal – director Ivan

IMG 2825 300x225 Rehearsal – with Mdm. Chaterina

Next are pre-Math competition pics at SMPK 2 PE TWO’s moment,
Saturday, Nov.1, 2014. FINAL 12pm. Winners/award presentation:
around 2:45pm after the 1st Musical show/ arts collaboration.

IMG 2870 300x225

IMG 2873 300x225

IMG 2874 300x225

IMG 2875 300x225

IMG 2876 300x225 math

A joint Christian service was conducted last Thursday,
Ot. 30th, 2014 for TKK 2, SDK 2 and SMPK 2 teachers.

The preacher was from GKI Delima, West Jakarta,
Mr. Adi, from Duta Wacana, Jogja.

IMG 2845 300x225

IMG 2846 300x225

IMG 2866 300x225 FINAL SMP (girls): SMP Pelita vs SMPK .

IMG 2860 300x225 FINAL SDK 2 vs SD Calvin

IMG 2852 300x225

Final competitions for BASKETBALL, Friday, Oct. 31st, 2014
here are the pics of the SD (boys),  SMP (girls OR boys teams).
Winners: ….

IMG 2835 300x225

IMG 2833 300x225

IMG 2832 300x225

IMG 2831 300x225

IMG 2869 300x225

IMG 2823 300x225

SMPK 2 PENABUR Jakarta, jl. Pembangunan


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