Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Milking Cow is so much fun


On Tuesday ,October 21st 2014 K2 students of TKK 11 Penabur went to Cimory Farm. We were very excited on that day. The friendly Cimory crews were welcoming us with a glass of strawberry milk when we arrive there. After that, we watch the interesting movie. Of course the movie about Cimory farm. The movie told us about many kinds of cow, the way to make fresh milk, and a lot of products that made from the farm.
After the movie was over, we went to the farm. Wow… the strong smell from the farm beginning to come to our nose. Look at that… the cows are very big,,, We are taught a kind of cow that raised in Cimory, the name is Hollister cow, and also we are told about the food and the characters of that cow. We went to the farm and practice how to milking the cow. Yay… we did it bravely.
In the afternoon, we were having our lunch at the restaurant. The nice fried rice and the yummy sausages made us full. After that the crews were taught us how to make delicious milkshake. Umm…I think we should try this at home. Mix the chocolate milk with the ice cream, and then blend it….. Taraaaaa the yummy milkshake is ready. After we empty our milkshake it’s time to say goodbye. See you next time Cimory.
Old mac Donald had a farm Cimory, e-i-e-i-o…….




Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR Jakarta – TKK 11 PENABUR Jakarta, Sunrise Garden


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