Iman, Ilmu dan Pelayanan

Welcome to the world of SciTech Kids

Come and be a SciTech Generation at TKK 11 PENABUR!!
We have lots of fun activities here on November 8th, 2014
• Family Science Competition for Toddler, PG, K1 & K2
• Computer Competition “ Making Animation” for K1&K2
• Robotic for K1&K2
• Bag Painting for K1&K2
• Coloring Competition for Toddler & PG
• Futuristic Fashion Show Competition for Toddler & PG
• Parent Seminar “ Aplikasi Software Pendidikan” from Gramedia
• Story Telling from Gramedia
• Bazaar
• Wi-Fi Corner
• Fun Games ( Fishing, Mini Golf, Buzz Wire, Matching Cards & Sponge Party)
Enroll Now for Academic Year 2015 – 2016 and get special prizes!!
So, What are waiting for?? See you here at TKK 11 PENABUR JAKARTA
Jl. Surya Sarana, Surya Gardenia – Jakarta Barat.

Sekolah Kristen BPK PENABUR Jakarta – TKK 11 PENABUR Jakarta, Sunrise Garden


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